About us

The TEC was founded by enthusiasts in 1991 as a non-profit making organisation with the aim of promoting the preservation and use of older Toyotas (generally over 10 years old), but membership is open to owners of all Toyotas (and latterly also Lexus variants) of any age  & enthusiasts for the marque. We differ from other clubs on the internet in that we are well established, have a specific niche in catering for the owners of older Toyotas, and come from a traditional car show and enthusiast background.

The Club Aims

The club aims to provide technical information and assistance with the location of spares, to establish regional groups and to arrange club displays at classic car shows, as detailed in our Constitution. Regalia is also available from the secretary.

Shows & Events

During the show season (typically April to October) we attend a large number of traditional classic car events and Japanese specific shows around the UK and sometimes abroad. We also host our own “National meeting” a full weekend event typically July/August, including class awards, judging conducted by the members on the Sunday. Thus we hope to increase the pleasure of running an older Toyota by keeping in contact with other owners. The club is also a conduit for putting members cars forward to Classic Car Magazines and Film/TV producers.


  • Club membership costs £15 per year;
  • Subscriptions renewal are due annually,on a rolling 12 months
  • Payment can be made through paypal to tecmembership@yahoo.co.uk , paypal button coming soon.
  • Cheques are payable to ToyotaEnthusiasts Club , and sent to Membership Secretary,Toyota Enthusiast Club,2 The Pottery Cottages,Coalhall by Ayr, East Ayrshire, KA6 6ND

TEC Topics Magazine

The club produces a ‘TEC Topics’ online  magazine / newsletter, typically 4 times a year. From 2016 this will comprise a Winter issue (Jan/Feb), a Spring issue (Apr/May) Summer issue (July/Aug) and Autumn (Oct/Nov) . It gives news of all Club activities and information on all aspects of Toyota ownership, and the committee encourage contributions  from every member.

Do not hesitate to contact Harvey (tecmembership@yahoo.co.uk) with any contributions, however short or long, or any suggestions and ideas.


  • The public face of the TEC away from the traditional show circuit
  • Our aim is to keep members informed and entertained
  • Also it is the ideal place to encourage new members to join
  • Please do not hesitate to make any website suggestions in the forum
  • We hope to add much more content and dedicated features in the future


Club members who are already experienced in the ways of the internet will need no persuading to take advantage of the Club Forum. Newer users are recommended to take advantage of this fantastic resource. Don’t be afraid to just say hello, and post some pictures of your cherished cars.

The Forum is a super way to swap information, particularly if you have a technical problem or query. It is currently open to all, and we would hope to encourage any non-member forumites to ultimately join the club outright. Please do not hesitate to make any website suggestions in the forum. Alternative forum banner graphics are welcome.

TEC Clothing & Regalia

We are now very pleased to offer good quality TEC polo shirts, sweatshirts and fleeces, emblazoned with the club logo. These are the items that have been long since requested by TEC members, and we are now very pleased to be able to meet this demand. From the first batches we have received, we can vouch for the good quality, and recommend these to all members.

To buy any of these items please click here.

TEC Club Constitution and Rules

  1. The aim of the Toyota Enthusiasts Club is to promote the preservation and running of older Toyotas (generally about ten years old and over).
  2. Membership of the Club is open to owners of any Toyota of any age, and enthusiasts for the marque.
  3. To assist with location of spares and to provide technical advice for any member.
  4. To ensure regular communication between members via a quarterly e-mailed newsletter/online mag “Tec-Topics”.
  5. To arrange displays at Classic Car Shows.
  6. To establish regional groups holding regular meetings.


  1. These aims will be supported by all members and actively pursued by a Committee.
  2. There will be an annual subscription, at a level set by the Committee.
  3. There will be a National Meeting and Annual General Meeting during the summer of each year at a date and venue decided by the Committee.
  4. The Committee will be free to co-opt additional members as the need arises.
  5. The constitution of the Committee and election of officers will be determined at the Annual General Meeting incorporated at our summer “National Meeting”
  6. Only Club Members who have been full members for more than one year will be eligible for election to the Committee. (This will not necessarily apply to co-opted Committee Members).
  7. The normal term of office for a Committee Member will be two years.
  8. To ensure some continuity in the running of the club only half of the Committee positions will be eligible for re-election in alternate years.
  9. The Committee shall have the power to suspend from membership or office any member believed to have acted against the Club’s best interests or brought the Club into disrepute. Any such suspension must then be considered at the next scheduled AGM and any decision to re-instate or ban the member shall be binding on all concerned. The suspended member shall have the right to appeal to the AGM.

If you have any comments or suggestions for amendment to the above, why not drop a line onto the TEC Club Forum?

Data Protection Act

Data Protection, Disclaimer and Copyright

Members are advised that their membership details are held on computer. The list is confidential and used only for address labels for club communications and lists of members for internal club use only between committee members.

The Club online magazine, TEC-TOPICS is published quarterly in January, April ,July and October and is e mailed to every member: it gives news of all club activities and information on all aspects of Toyota ownership, and contributions are welcomed from every member. Whilst every effort is taken to ensure accuracy, the committee cannot accept responsibility for any inaccurate information or advice, and does not necessarily agree with the opinions of individual contributors. In the case of technical advice the committee can have no control over the competence of individual members or the conditions in which they operate, so can accept no liability for the consequences of their actions: The onus is always on members to work safely within their own ability.

Everything in Tec Topics is copyright and may not be reproduced without permission.
A diary of shows with a TEC club members pitch will be posted here, complete with TEC organiser contacts and show links.