In joining the club, you will be joining a group of like minded individuals passionate about their Toyotas. Join us at car shows and a variety of events across the country.


  • Club membership costs £15 per year;
  • Subscriptions renewal are due annually, on a rolling 12 months
  • Payment can be made through Paypal using the buttons at the bottom of the page. If you pay using Paypal, please still fill out the membership form and email it to
  • Cheques are payable to Toyota Enthusiasts Club, and sent to Membership Secretary, Toyota Enthusiast Club, 2 The Pottery Cottages, Coalhall by Ayr, East Ayrshire, KA6 6ND
  • Download membership form in word doc format here

We can assist you with:

* Technical Advice

* Spares Advice

* Insurance valuations

* Dating certificates

Contact/paypal account:

Join for 12 months using the Subscribe button below.

Subscriptions are currently suspended whilst we move to a new membership database – we hope to have this back up and running in the next few days. If you have any issues please contact:

April 2020 update: Just to let people know where we are with this, I have been pulled away from this a bit due to the ongoing situation and haven’t got it done as quickly as I would have liked, but hope to have the new system in place ASAP. – Adam

This will setup a rolling payment of £15, and you will be charged every 12 months from the date it is started unless you choose to cancel it.

Data Protection Act

Data Protection, Disclaimer and Copyright

Members are advised that their membership details are held on computer. The list is confidential and used only for address labels for club communications and lists of members for internal club use only between committee members.

The Club’s emailed newsletter, TEC-TOPICS is published between every 4-6 weeks depending on content received by members. it is e-mailed to every member: it gives news of all club activities and information on all aspects of Toyota ownership, and contributions are welcomed from every member. Whilst every effort is taken to ensure accuracy, the committee cannot accept responsibility for any inaccurate information or advice, and does not necessarily agree with the opinions of individual contributors. In the case of technical advice the committee can have no control over the competence of individual members or the conditions in which they operate, so can accept no liability for the consequences of their actions: The onus is always on members to work safely within their own ability.

Everything in Tec Topics is copyright and may not be reproduced without permission.
A diary of shows with a TEC club members pitch will be posted here, complete with TEC organiser contacts and show links.