Monte Carlo Historic Rally 2015

This year’s UK start of this famous rally is once again departing from Paisley Abbey . TEC members Alan Duncan ( Big Al ) & Harvey Wade will be joining the competitors on two runs. Alan is travelling all the way to the French start of the Monte at Reims in his 1974 TA22 Celica, and Harvey is taking a more local historic run to the first time control at Auldgirth outside Dumfries in his 1973 TA12 Carina.

Last year Alan and his wife Cath went all the way to Monte Carlo , and thouroghly enjoyed a trouble free run over the Alps, so in comparison this is just a short run for “the yellow peril” Celica.

Harvey and Gemma Wade will be taking for the first time the Carina over the start ramp, fothe last 3 Monte’s Gemma’s KP30 1000 “Ollie” was used but the Carina will take to the 80 mile first leg this year for a change.

Look out for the cars on the 28th Jan 2015, departing Paisley Abbey from 7.00pm.


Alan & Cath Duncan with the “Yellow Peril”    (2012 Monte)


Harvey & Gemma Wade with “Ollie the 1000”  (2013 Monte)

Three Toyotas went over the start ramp. Alan & Harvey were joined by a JDM TA22 GTV.

Both Celicas travelled to Reims to watch another start for the Reims to Monte Carlo leg.


Big Al’s TA22 with a rather cold “Mrs Big Al” Cath Duncan


JDM Celica GTV note TA23 style front although its a TA22 this nose available in Japan only


Snowy start after first nights rest halt in the Scottish borders

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  • I would love to get hold of the guy who owns the GTV Celica TA22 above – how can I do that ?


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