1987 Supra MA71 LHD Orange Showcar

Anthony Gerundini writes:

LHD California Targa Import, ex-Showcar, 3.0i 7M-GE Manual, souped-up with dump valve etc around 300bhp, drove extremely well, totally rust free, now been exported to the Canary Islands apparently. Note the faired in wing mirrors. One piece roof comes out. Ridiculous spoiler! but may actually keep the back end down. Drift car potential for those that like that sort of thing. Burgendy/crimson checked velour interior in vgc, but did not suit the exterior body colour. Glovebox missing has had previously made room for various ICE electrics etc. The paint job had a gold flip to it, but 85% metallic orange as you can see. Only a very few minor scratches. Driving it was strange, gearstick being in your right hand, never mind avoiding the tendency to drive in the middle of the road. (You try driving a LHD for the first time!)

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Made for an unusual day out in Sunderland, via bicycle (pictured) from York over Bilsdale. It had been freak heavy snow 2 hours previously! Can’t believe I didn’t buy it, I daren’t tell you the low price. Probably that hideous spoiler! Spose could have just plain taken it off, add some decent wheels and hey presto, what a car it would have been. Cold dark bike ride back to Scarborough over the NY Moors/Whitby via train to Middlesbrough that night!


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