Chris & Heather Clayton’s MA70 Supra

As discussed with him at the Tatton Park Performance & Classic Show this Sunday, Chris Clayton has sent us a few words and pictures
about the MA70 Supra he and his wife Heather own.
Chris Clayton writes:-
Just a few words about the Supra a.k.a. the Big Fellow, the car is UK Spec and is all original paint and bodywork. Heather has owned the car for 23 years.
There are only 3 things that are not as it came from factory.
  1. The alarm has been replaced with a better one.
  2. The stereo has also been replaced when the original amp packed up but we still have the original .
  3. Aftermarket wheels have been fitted but again we have got the originals.
It was not used for 17 years apart from when it moved once a year for an MOT and service, the mileage is very low for a 25 year old car – 31,000 miles with full history. As Heather says ‘Woman owned fool Maintained’.

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