Statement from Mr Peter Hunter editor of club magazine Tec-Topics

Magazine Editor – RETIREMENT

To my great surprise, I spent most of the week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day in hospital, initially with pneumonia, which in then triggered a latent heart problem. Then just after discharge from hospital on New Year’s Eve I discovered that I had shingles, so I’ve had a lot to contend with in recent weeks and it has forced me to consider just what I can reasonably expect to do as the years advance. I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that now is the time for me to retire from editing the club magazine. I have been Editor of the club magazine, TEC-TOPICS, since April 1993, during which time I have produced over seventy editions. I have always found it very satisfying to produce a regular magazine and enjoyed the contact it has meant with so many club members over the years, but it has always involved a certain amount of pressure, and I feel that I must now take steps to eliminate such pressures and demands from my life style. When I recover sufficiently from my recent bout of illness, I intend to produce one last magazine to bring my Editorship to an end. The last magazine was posted in June 2015, so the next issue is long overdue, and there is much to report. A new magazine was greatly delayed by the club visit to the Toyota factory in October and the TEC display at the Lancaster Classic Car Show at the NEC in November, as these activities took up a lot of my time and energy. I’m not really sure just when I’ll be able to put a magazine together, but I would like to produce this one last issue and give the club time to consider if a replacement Editor can be found, or if the whole style of the club should now be changed. That will be for the Committee and the next AGM to decide. I will remain a club member, but will no longer serve on the Committee.

Peter Hunter

5 thoughts on “Statement from Mr Peter Hunter editor of club magazine Tec-Topics

  • kevin anthony clark

    peter hope you are on the mend long time since see all yous at meets just hope you and your are fit and well kevin from up Geordie land

    • Kevin
      Im glad to say Peter is back to good health and still out and about in the North West classic car show scene.


  • kevin anthony clark

    champion hope see you all soon if things go ok

  • kevin anthony clark

    by do I miss my rx12

  • Piet Filmer

    Hello Peter I was suprised to receved your letter on the 10 of januari.
    Good te reed that your both are well and still do a lot with Toyota.
    Here i am at the moment ferry buzzy with my TA22-ST and hope to finishend her in spring.
    It was posible in a garage from a friend


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