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Finding the best Toyota in the UK – The Parallel Pomeroy Trophy

The Pomeroy Trophy is a competition run from Silverstone circuit on Saturday 16th February 2019, and this year is it’s 64th running. It aims to find the best all round touring car using a formula based on that of Laurence Pomeroy.

Some of you may remember that last year Toyota entered 2 Yaris GRMNs and a Corona into the event: https://blog.toyota.co.uk/yaris-grmn-pomeroy-trophy

This year, Toyota are running the “Parallel Pomeroy Trophy” alongside the main event, and are inviting all (road legal) Toyotas to take part.

The aim is to find the UKs best overall Toyota. As the event itself always has such a wide variety of cars being that anything road legal can take part, Toyota are hoping to get a massive spread of models from over the years to participate. We would love for the club to show a good turnout here as it promises to be a great event, and as mentioned above it doesn’t matter what Toyota you want to take part with – as long as it’s road legal.

Competitors will participate in a series of autotest-style challenges, with a minimum of six tests scheduled on the day. A competition licence isn’t required, but a road driving licence is needed and passengers are not allowed to be on board during the tests.

There is a £30 entry fee, with all proceeds going to the Guide dogs for the Blind charity. Regulations along with an entry form can be found at this link: https://www.vscc.co.uk/vsccMedia/25863.pdf, or in the blog post below.

You can find more information about the event in Toyota’s blog post here: https://blog.toyota.co.uk/is-your-toyota-a-winner-join-us-at-silverstone-to-find-out

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